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Genuine IT  Salesforce CRM practice understands the dilemma faced by its clients, and has been working cohesively with its customers to help improve their business. The IT teams, on the other hand help move critical business functionalities to Cloud.

GenuineIT Salesforce CRM practice brings over enormous years of CRM consulting and implementation expertise to the table and helps its clients control fixed cost investments into business. Genuine IT strongly believes in working with its clients as a Transformation Partner and helps them choose the best-fit, scalable, secured and integral On-Demand CRM solution and also assures seamless execution of implementation with its mature and proven set of methodologies, frameworks and tools.

Genuine IT CRM practice offers a comprehensive, mature, multi-industry proven suite of CRM solutions that can be applied to the following business functions of an organization;

Key Industry Frameworks

  • Marketing.
  • Sales.
  • Customer Service and Support.
  • Integration with Legacy System.

Genuine IT  Cloud Computing Readiness Assessment Model

Genuine IT Value Proposition

  • Optimized Cost.
  • Reusable components.
  • Resources having multiple skills.
  • Shared support model.
  • Continuous training.
  • 100 % offshore-centric execution model.

Improved Flexibility

  • Ready to deploy team.
  • Ramp-up and Ramp-down of team.
  • 24x7 Resource availability.

Reduced Time-to-Market

  • Ready infrastructure for demonstrating CRM functions across product lines.
  • Ready to deploy solutions.

Higher Competency

  • 80 % Team is Certified.
  • Frequent knowledge sharing sessions.
  • Product expertise across both SFDC and
  • Expertise in Complimentary Technologies viz.
  • Reporting, BI and Integration using WSDL.


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