Application Development

GenuineIT's Application Development and Management (ADM) services provide analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance of your business applications. We offer flexible, capable, and objective technical and business services, ranging from traditional mainframe or client/server application development and maintenance to legacy modernization, portal development, service-oriented architecture, wireless and mobility solutions, and ERP support.

Our proven, disciplined processes enable us to achieve project goals on time and on budget. Our global presence allows us to tap our considerable business and technical resources, while ensuring there's an office near you to provide project ownership and a local single point-of-contact for all of your project questions.

With Genuine IT at the helm of your ADM efforts, you can focus on core business issues instead of on IT project minutia. Genuine IT will conduct your ADM projects with an eye on results: cost containment, faster time-to-value, and minimized risk.

Genuine IT Custom Development

For GenuineIT, application development is not about the short-term. It's about the application lifecycle, business results, and enduring value. We employ model-driven and service-oriented architectures to create reusable components, driving down the total cost of application development. We incorporate the interaction of rules, services, and flows to ensure that your application addresses your business needs and technical requirements, while supporting your long-term strategies.

This attention to well-planned, quality application development reduces future resource requirements and simplifies configuration management and performance, and is essential for integrating new and emerging technologies for competitive advantage. Total cost-of-ownership reductions of 20% - 30% for many of our clients.

Genuine IT Legacy Modernization and Enhancement

Transforming established applications to a more modern architecture or language is a cost-effective way to maximize your IT investment. But today's marketplace often demands bigger, better, and faster applications, which can make reuse a challenge.

Genuine IT can help you bridge the architectural gap between legacy and cutting edge technologies by extending, wrapping, or replacing existing applications. We can help you understand the benefits and risks of each option, and select the best alternative for your needs.

We have helped countless clients modernize their applications by extracting business rules as part of a migration plan, for example, or by performing web and component integration to increase data visibility. Whatever your legacy migration need, we'll help find the best solution for you.

Client Focus

Genuine IT begins each engagement by listening to and understanding your specific needs. Unlike offshore services firms, for example, who recommend an offshore solution even before hearing your challenge, Genuine IT collaborates with you to determine which solution most effectively achieves your business goals while balancing risk and cost. We consider security, timelines, expertise, infrastructure, communication, and unanticipated changes in all of our delivery models. Application Development and Management (ADM) projects can be performed at your site, or at a domestic or offshore ADM center, or at any combination of these options. Our goal is to offer you flexible options that provide the exact balance of expertise needed to reach your goals.

With enormous years in business, Genuine IT has developed best-in-class processes and methodologies, allowing us to focus on driving costs and delays out of the process, so we can drive quality into it.

We work with you at project initiation to seamlessly integrate these methodologies and processes into your existing processes, providing a stable, yet consistent foundation for success. We focus on defining specific requirements (e.g., inputs, outputs, acceptance criteria, communication plans, and management processes) early on, so we can "hit the ground running," to shorten the project timeline without sacrificing quality.