Organizations' business is entirely dependent on their IT infrastructure. The maximum uptime of IT Infrastructure leads to uninterrupted business, which in turn results in revenue profits for Organization. Remote Infrastructure Management provides cost effective 24*7 operations to support global time zones for Client's business. Internet Data center estimation puts IT infrastructure components more than 85% of the total business spread over the globe that can be managed remotely with the advancements in internet and communication technologies. Remote Infrastructure Management includes the monitoring and management of client's business critical IT infrastructure through Remote Infrastructure Management, IT Service Desk and Professional Services (Consultancy, Implementation and Management).

Remote Infrastructure Management includes but not limited to:

  • Server Management.
  • Storage Management.
  • Database Management.
  • Network Management.
  • Security Management.
  • Email Management.
  • Desktop Support.

Organizations today are staring for Remote Infrastructure management, because of its significant benefits like easy management, efficiency and security for business critical IT infrastructure.

  • Improved IT infrastructure uptime and productivity.
  • Simplified operations management & Focus on core competencies.
  • Enhanced ability to adopt new technology.
  • Transparency and control.
  • Better Return On IT Investment (ROI).
  • Scalability on the fly: upgrade or downgrade according to the requirements and avoid fixed overhead costs.
  • Access to domain expertise and 24/7/365 availability.
  • Industry best practices & quality.
  • Cost Efficiency: Drive down the IT infrastructure cost by as much as 40%.
  • Proactive problem identification and Pre-emptive problem resolution.