Energy and Utilities (E & U) practice of GenuineIT possesses deep domain expertise and exposure to Global Utility markets backed by 15 years of hands on experience in the Industry's core technologies. E & U practice has participated in the regulation and deregulation journey of the energy markets and is actively assisting customers in achieving their goals and objectives.

GenuineIT's E & U practice has acquired, expertise in the entire value chain of Energy & Utilities industry's upstream, mid-stream, down-stream sectors and back office operations. with cumulative experience of several projects and over several years.


  • Transmission Outage and Generation Availability
  • Asset Management and Maintenance
  • Inventory Control
  • Fuel management


  • Network Analysis, MIMS
  • Balancing Mechanism
  • Integrated Energy Management BETTA
  • Mains Risk Priority Management
  • GIS


  • Emergency Meter Work
  • Job Issue System
  • Demand Derivation system
  • Field Force Device Replacement
  • Connections work management & AMR
  • Market Intelligence & Provision of Information

Back Office Operations

  • Knowledge Management
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • EUC Applications
  • Infrastructure Management
  • ERP

Service Offerings

GenuineIT's Energy and Utilities practice has been providing the following services in Analyzing and implementing regulatory and de regulatory changes, Legacy Systems, Business process alignment and IT system improvements, Rapid Application development to drive business benefits, Regulatory reporting , Program Assurance, Performance management, Application separation, and consolidation due to deregulation or mergers and Acquisition, System Integration and Green IT services We specialize in Advanced Meter Management and Energy trading with our framework based solution, for prototype and POC based implementation.

GenuineIT's Value Proposition

  • Framework based development for Energy Trading.
  • Innovative way of bridging the gap between Industry and service providers through Market based Advisory Councils.
  • Partnership with leading Utilities domain and market experts to bring the Industry best practices and IT services together.
  • Energy and Utilities practice specializes in providing cutting edge technology solutions in Automatic Meter Management (AMM), Asset and Work Management, Energy Trading, Balancing Mechanism, Field Force Automation, SOA based Energy Trading framework to implement flexibility, re-usability and competitive strategy and Integration of systems and processes to get STP.