The most important asset of any organization is its man power. The only way an organization can increase it human capital is by nurturing its people and by transforming itself as a learning organization.

Genuine IT eLearning solutions help you to overcome this and more. Our eLearning development solutions provide a system for continuous learning & development, do skill-gap analysis, provide roadmap to bridge this skill-gap and incessantly upgrade skill sets. The objective is to meet the business goals, deliver high ROI and strengthen the competitiveness of the organization.

Genuine IT E-Learning solutions address the following business problems such as:

  • Roll out of enterprise systems like ERP or SCM etc.
  • On-going training of a geographically dispersed admin / sales / technical services force for sales / product / process training.
  • To slash time-to-market for a new product.
  • To deliver induction programs for new employees.
  • To convert existing distance learning programs to online ones of any academic organizations.

However, enterprise E-Learning for any organization is a complex issue. This requires deep understanding of objectives of E-Learning. We also need to consider target audience, cultural and infrastructure issues both at the delivery and at user-ends.

Genuine IT figures out the best way to deliver eLearning that addresses the needs of different stakeholders in the organization, be it employees, dealers, customers or even shareholders. E-Learning roll out is an intricate process that involves defining a roadmap, developing eLearning programs and delivering them using appropriate technology. Genuine IT Services include

  • Pre-consulting, Consulting, strategy and services.
  • Formulating an E-Learning blueprint.
  • E-Learning adoption.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) calculations.