The aerospace and defense industry is looking to acquire speed, flexibility and precision. As deregulation, globalization and military transformation create a new set of industry challenges, GenuineIT enables aerospace and defense companies to improve performance through our tailored solutions.

The biggest challenges faced by these industries include the following:

  • Manage complex supply networks.
  • Effective use of assets and asset performance.
  • Dynamic marketing requirements.
  • Pressures on pricing and cost management.
  • Stringent compliance requirements.
  • Measuring route Profitability, Aircraft Load Management.
  • Respond to rapidly changing demand for production parts, spares and maintenance.

ServicesGenuineIT has teamed with the world's top aerospace and defense companies for over decades to drive profitable results. Our global presence, industry insight, functional acumen, and technological strength can help our Aerospace and Defense clients to continue to reach new heights in the multi-polar world.

  • Aerospace and Defense Security.
  • Business Process Outsourcing.
  • Engineering Services.
  •  Global Offset Commitments.
  • Global Supply Chain.
  • M&A and Post Merger Integration.
  • Mission Software.
  • Program Profitability.
  •  Shifting to Services.
  • Sustainability.
  • Talent Management.

GenuineIT's aerospace and defense solutions and services are designed to directly address the challenges that the industry faces now and in the future. Performance based logistics, availability contracting, low-cost carrier models and long-term commercial Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) contracts are making services an increasingly vital component of a products-dominated industry.

Our solution and domain experts can study your business scenarios & business priorities, compare them with the Best Practices and suggest appropriate solutions which can bring about the following capabilities & value proposition:

  • Attain performance excellence throughout the operations.
  • Achieve manufacturing excellence.
  • Effectively manage complex maintenance and spares management.
  • Effective global contracts management.
  • Enhanced security credentials to prevent unauthorized access to confidential information and facilitate privacy.
  • Manage sub-contractors and collaborators efficiently.
  • Gain financial accountability and compliance.

The aerospace and defense services of designing, building and running complex, long-term programs at a defined service level is our business. This DNA, coupled with our deep industry knowledge allows GenuineIT to help clients not only address their pain points, but also to implement aerospace and defense solutions.