Today, many companies are moving forward to migrate their legacy applications to latest technologies such as .NET/J2EE/Web Sphere. Growing business need, increasing maintenance cost, fewer skilled resources on legacy technologies and limited delivery schedules - these are the major issues faced by the companies.

Genuine IT uses an automated migration utility that converts and migrates legacy applications to modern technologies such as .NET, Java EE, Web Sphere, Oracle ADF and Fusion Middleware technologies automatically. It converts and migrates 40-60% of the existing legacy source codes to modern technologies retaining the value of its business logic components and providing savings around 65% of cost and effort associated with re-writing or manual migration.

The tool offers complete end-to-end migration solution, which includes Assessment, Migration / Transformation and Integration.


  • Application Modernization Migration.
  • PowerBuilder Migration, Cobol, Visual Basic and FoxPro Applications migrations to Microsoft.NET.
  • Java / J2EE.
  • PB to WEB.
  • SOA Cloud-enabled Web Sphere-based J2EE Technologies.

Migrations to Oracle ADF/Fusion Middleware

  • Legacy oracle forms to Oracle ADF/web-based applications.
  • Oracle Pro C forms to Oracle ADF applications.
  • Legacy middleware applications to Oracle Fusion middleware.

Legacy Applications Migration from VB, VB6, Delphi, MS Access and Progress to

  • Microsoft.NET
  • Java / J2EE
  • Open Source Platforms
  • Legacy Application Modernization Framework

Genuine IT Value Proposition

  • Strong expertise and migration experience with complex projects.
  • Endeavours to deliver quality solutions cost effectively.
  • Proven track record with safe and risk-free approach.
  • 100% customer-centric approach in all project management.
  • Talented and highly skilled IT resources.
  • Clearly defined deliverables at every stage of the project.

Genuine IT Benefits

  • Convert your legacy application to the current technology without any reinvestments.
  • Saves 30-50% of time and effort typically involved in re-write or migration of legacy applications and faster implementation services taking the product faster to market.
  • Re-usability of 50-60% of your legacy application codes bringing you regain the value of your old applications and reducing up to 30% of your capital investments on new technologies.
  • Automated migration processes with minimal human intervention owing to minimal or no errors.
  • Cost and Time savings over a complete re-write of the application.
  • Reap the benefits of three-tier architecture for enterprise-class Quality of Service.
  • BPM enablement for automated business processes providing more business flexibility and agility and optimized resource capitalization.
  • SOA technologies bringing in line the business and IT with greater interoperability and seamless interaction between the applications improving your business performance to newer heights.
  • Availability in cloud provides you with virtual infrastructure for green IT environment, cost effective pay-per-use model which is scalable to demand and gives accessibility to your host applications anytime anywhere from remote locations.
  • Virtualized environment drastically reducing your spending on infrastructure, support and maintenance cost and increasing your ROI.
  • Less capital investment, better application performance, automated business processes, resource optimization, reduced operating cost and faster time to market, your TCO is slashed by 40% and ROI is doubled within a short span.