Web based application development encompass database integration, intra and extranet applications deployment. And for both young and emerging companies the ability to use a content management system, interactive web site or an intranet can be evenly important. Thus, web based application development provides essential support for all types of businesses.

Web-Based Software allows all Business Users to access the data on any machine within an office premises or over an internet line from anywhere across the Globe. This facility becomes exceptionally significant for businesses having multiple branches trying to keep their data synchronized at all times and for Business Owners who are not always stationed at their office premises to keep track of Sales, Inventory, Accounting and other related information.

With Genuine IT, you will find the most cost-effective software solution to your web-based application needs. Genuine IT shall provide with a comprehensive customized solution to suit your business needs.

The technologies that we use for building the applications including but not limited to are C, C++, JAVA, J2EE, Servlets, Struts, PHP, MySQL, MS SQL, HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, etc. The technology we choose depends on the nature of your Business and the requirement.

A few examples of web-based applications that would be appropriate for your Business are:

  • Inventory Management System.
  • Order Management and Processing System.
  • Human Resource Management System.
  • Customer Resource Management System.
  • Call Center Management System.
  • Accounting System, etc...