E-commerce is spreading beyond simple B2C and B2B shopping portals. The large spread adoption of social networking has shifted the traditional online shopping model to incorporate consumer’s active participation in the marketing and selling of products. The innovation of mobile application technologies has also brought a new channel to the retail sector by allowing consumers to shop directly from their mobiles. The key factor to gaining a competitive edge in these growing E-commerce markets is to ensure a great customer experience. This includes a sharp user interface, secure data management, a solid POS, rapid performance and the ability to handle large amounts of traffic.

Genuine IT focus areas include:

To help transform your business, we offer the following services:

  • E-commerce website design, development to hosting, consulting and promotional services.
  • Online, Social & Mobile commerce.
  • Web Portals for specialized services.
  • Interactive advertising. 

Genuine IT Capabilities:

Genuine IT has worked with multiple workflows modelling tools and reporting tools to provide ecommerce Software product development services that are cost-effective, fast and reliable. Genuine IT ecommerce solutions capabilities include: 

  • Web-based administration products for managing inventory, coupon codes and gift certificates.
  • Web portals for travel, ticketing and event management.
  • Websites optimized for user content generation.
  • Shopping services for mobile phones.
  • Robust, scalable platforms for digital content delivery.
  • Online storefronts, catalogs and shopping carts.